Friday, May 11, 2012

Doom Survival Guide: A Handbook to Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic World

~ Welcome to the Doom Survival Guide ~
This site exists to create and share a compact guide to survival in a world which has been all but destroyed by natural or unnatural disasters. In other words, when TSHTF.
This is not to debate what scenario that may be, but you are here so you probably have your own ideas. Various themes floating around include:
 Climate Shift
 World War III
 Asteroid Strike
 Polar Shift - magnetic or physical - gradual or sudden
 Total Economic Collapse
 Galactic Tsunami (whatever that is)
 'Kill shot' Solar Flare
 Outbreak of some horrible CIA-created disease (ie - zombies)
 Broad EMP attack
 NWO Takeover
 General wrath from a pissed off god
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In any apocalyptic scenario, essential services such as power and clean water will be unavailable. Delivery of food and supplies will cease as people stop going to work and paying their bills. Money will be worthless unless you can sucker someone to trade your useless notes or lumps of metal for something of real value - such as clothing, tools, medical supplies, labor, or food and water. If you wait for authorities and emergency services to look after you, you will be disappointed.
Therefore it will be up to YOU
to ensure the safety and continued well-being of you and your loved ones
The book is based on the famous SAS survival manual which contains invaluable information on how to survive with little to nothing in many harsh environments. It has been condensed to remove useless information such as how to return to your commander for debriefing and court-martialing, how to use your US Army issued equipment pack #47A-50/D effectively, what to do if the country you are attacking has changed its political allegiance, etc.
As well as removing redundant topics, more have been added and existing ones expanded. Extra information includes:
 General guidelines on how to prepare for and survive after TSHTF - that your government won't tell you.
 More shelters, beyond the basic 'get you out of the weather for a day' emergency hovels.
Including semi-permanent (seasonal) and long term shelters.
 More animal and fish traps.
 Section on ropes and knots,
From making a meter of thin cord, to meters of strong rope with natural materials.
Lashing methods, rope splicing.
 Making and using fire pistons.
 Construction of rope bridges.
 Basic and advanced brain tanning, rawhide.
 Sustainable organic gardening.
 Raising small and practical animals.
 Medicinal properties of common plants and how to grow them.
 Field surgery - wound debridement and field amputations.
 Field dentistry.
 Weather Prediction.
 Tactical movement and tracking.
 Basket Weaving
 Black Powder
 and more...
I have many sources of information, some in books, some in magazines, some in printouts, and of course the internet still seems to be working.
However I wanted a compact source of information that is small enough to include in even the smallest of survival kits. I don't have millions of dollars to buy 300 acres of primo land in the middle of nowhere and construct a bunker surrounded by militia.
For me, it will probably be down to gunning it until the fuel runs out, then heading for the nearest forest with whatever I can carry on my back. I won't be able to haul around a library, and even if I had a netbook and a bicycle-powered generator, I doubt I'd find a hotspot. So if I'm going to carry one book - it needs to be small and thorough. So I have endeavored to compile as much useful information as I can into one small tome.
Since there are others that may find this document useful I have decided to share it. There are instructions on how to print and bind a professional and robust book using only basic resources. It is a living document and always in a state of change, but the versions available for download are always complete in themselves. Anyone is welcome to make suggestions in the hopes of creating guide that is useful to as many as possible.
If you have any questions or feedback then please contact me or join the chat.